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Magnetize Your Customers To You

How strong is your brand's magnetic pull? How is it connected to the purpose of your company? Why defining your company is so important to the business? Know the difference between finding any customer and finding the right customer.

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Full-Service Printing Solutions

Ever searched for a one-stop-shop printing solution? If someone can conceptualize, design, procure materials for and actually print your products and still can save you more money, how awesome would that be? At 3-Keys, we got it all covered for you.

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How To Turn Website Traffic Into Leads

It’s the second step of our marketing funnel: Turning Website Traffic Into Leads. It’s one thing to convince people to visit your website. It’s another to actually turn these visitors into leads. Essentially, turning website traffic into leads means collecting contact details from visitors to your website so that you can continue to contact them [...]

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Developing an Advertising Campaign to Pull Ideal Clients

How do you pull in your ideal client? Targeting your ideal client is key to developing concise, effective marketing. Don’t cast your nets too wide; the likelihood of reeling in your ideal customer decreases the larger the audience you target. One-size-fits-all marketing messages are a thing of the past. With the specificity technology can afford [...]

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What is an Online Marketing Funnel?

We see online marketing as a funnel that will work for you to simplify the lead qualifying process. Instead of shouting down potential customers with loud ads, 3-Keys helps you use technology to pull customers to you with less work. Using our proprietary systems, we position your marketing process to attract a large pool of potential leads, [...]

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