Planning for Marketing of Your Enterprise

Planning for Marketing of Your Enterprise

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We at 3-Keys Graphics are looking forward to an exciting new year filled with clients old and new. We can’t wait to get started on this year’s branding and design projects. We’ll innovate, ideate, educate and create. We’ll be the “next big thing”. We’ll go viral! We plan to take the market by storm!

First, in order to gain a useful perspective, it’s essential to look back. How has this last year gone for your company? What were your more successful moments? Least successful? Did you land some ideal clients, or at least get a step closer to figuring out who, exactly, your ideal client is? What trends did you notice over the past year? What else needs reviewing for your business?

Next, set milestones and goals for this new year, be it calendar or fiscal. You’ve got an idea of what’s working, as well as what needs work. Start with the little things, the goals that are clear-cut and obvious. Set monthly sales and revenue goals for your company. Break these goals down into actual sales targets.

Then, let your dreams get a little bigger. Review and refine your overall message and goals. Let these inform your big-picture goals for the next few years.

  • Look inward: How do you see yourself growing? How about your employees? What new products might you want to develop?
  • And look outward: Who and where are your target markets? How do you hope to interact with clients in the future?

Lastly, but certainly most importantly, now is the time to put it all into action. Reviewing and strategizing is great; now you’ve got to implement those needed changes for your company’s marketing plan. Don’t let your resolutions fade away after a few weeks. Make the goals happen. Remember that a little guidance and support from an outside coach, consultant or expert can go a long way, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts. At 3-Keys Graphics, we’re always ready to help you through the process—from brainstorming to implementation. Call us today!

Now go forth and market — Blast!

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