Make a Lasting Impression with Great Business Cards

Make a Lasting Impression with Great Business Cards

Have you ever had a business card that you were embarrassed by or that didn’t make you feel good about yourself or your company? You know the ones—the paper is flimsy, the design is unattractive, and it does not represent what you do. Some people even apologize as soon as they give out their card.

Why Business Cards Matter

Often, your card is the first point of contact that many people have with your business. When you are out networking or meeting new clients, business cards are exchanged and instantaneous judgments are made about your business. Make this first impression count. Your business card needs to represent you and your company with clarity while reflecting your unique personality. That’s a tall order for a little piece of cardstock!


3-Keys creates business cards that truly represent your business, with messaging that attracts your customers, and a design that suits your brand and that leaves a lasting impression.

Guide to Good Business Card Design

Your card should have all your important contact details, and it should be accurate. Don’t print a few hundred cards with the wrong email address just because you didn’t take a few moments to proofread your copy! Be sure to include all essential contact and business info on the dominant (front) side of the card.

  • Describe your services clearly and concisely. People shouldn’t wonder what you do once they have your card in hand.
  • Give people a reason to follow up. It’s great if you can include a catch or hook for users to hang on to, or a reason to contact you. Perhaps you can include a photo of yourself or your product. Incorporate your company’s slogan or tagline.
  • A brief testimonial or two can speak volumes. Utilize the empty back of the card for this purpose.
  • Target your audience. You may want to address pains and problems common to your clients, etc., and how your business can help solve these.

Do you know anyone who is dissatisfied with his or her business cards, or is currently using a generic logo from Vistaprint? Whether they are just starting a new business or they’re running an existing business, we can help make them create a first impression that will make a positive impact!

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