Capturing your leads

Capture leads When people spend money, they’re thinking with both their rational and emotional brains. The most effective marketing frameworks appeal to both. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools that any company can use to build customer connections.  Traffic acquisition is only half the marketing equation. You need to invest the time in [...]

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Social Media Integration with Website for Business Marketing

Your social media strategy is more than just a Facebook profile or Twitter feed. When executed correctly, social media is a powerful customer engagement engine and web traffic driver. It’s easy to get sucked into the hype and create profiles on every single social site. This is the wrong approach. What you should do instead [...]

Well designed and functional website Key for Brand Success

http://www.aspirecontrols.com/ In the early days of the internet, a company’s website needed no more than a simple HTML page with a beautiful background and some contact information. In today’s fast evolving business scenario a company’s website might be the basis for their entire business. It goes without saying, then, that a well-designed website is critical [...]

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