Business or Marketing: Which should you really be running?

Business or Marketing: Which should you really be running?

As successful business and marketing coach Dan Kennedy says: “You are in the business of marketing, not in the business of carpet cleaning, selling furniture, selling services, etc.”

We agree with this whole-heartedly. After all, you could be the very best in your industry, but without a steady flow of customers, your business will never grow. Marketing your business and bringing in new leads is the most important part of your business — if you have no clients then it doesn’t matter if you are the best at what you do!

Unfortunately, many business owners are so mired in the day-to-day running of their business that they don’t even know where to begin. That’s where we come in, as the experts, we help direct and lead your marketing campaign.

In today’s very digital-oriented world, your website is often the first piece of your marketing plan that we look at.

Your website is available 24/7 – is it working for you? Think of it like an employee, with set expectations, results, goals, and tasks. Wouldn’t it be great to make money around the clock…even when you are not working?

How to make your website work for you

There are several elements to making sure your website is working for you:

  1. Traffic
  2. Offers / Call to Actions
  3. Lead Funnel
  4. Follow up



Without traffic to your site, you’ll never be able to do anything. The most effective, most well designed site in the world will do nothing if no one is there to see it. There are many ways to get traffic to your site:

  • Search engine optimization (getting found on Google)
  • Local search pages (Google+ Local, Bing, Yahoo – best for brick and mortar)
  • Social media (promote)
  • Affiliates (drive traffic there)

Offers / Calls to Action

Once you have traffic to your site, they need to take action, but you still need to inspire or motivate them to. Offer them something they want:

  • a solution to their problem
  • a free product
  • a chance to learn more from you…anything to collect their details.

Lead / Funnel

This closely ties into #4, follow up. In this case it means have multiple offers. People are at different stages of the buying process / information search and will be triggered (inspired to act) by different offers. Have multiple entry points for those at different levels to enter into your sales funnel.

Follow up

Your list is gold! Once you have those contact details, you must do something with them. They were interested enough in what you offered to give you their precious contact details so make sure to utilize it by reaching out to them, otherwise you are leaving money on the table.

This may seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help! 3-Keys offers website reviews and analysis of your current plans to help you determine if you are going in the right direction. Contact us today for a consultation!

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