Technical Drawings for a New Restaurant

Technical Drawings for a New Restaurant

The Corner Creperie

Who They Are
The Corner Creperie is a new crepe shop opening in Downtown Pleasanton in the fall of 2013. Growing up in France, the owner has always loved crepes and felt that they were missing when he moved to the United States.

Project Requirement:
City code-compliant technical drawings detailing the proposed signage for the storefront, and social media pages.

Downtown Pleasanton is a very charming area, partially because the city has strict rules about maintaining it. City code allows stores along Main Street one awning and blade sign each, a certain area of window signage, a choice from several pre-approved awning colors, etc. Our challenge was to create technical drawings that showed The Corner Creperie’s proposed awning, blade and window signs, while staying within the city’s building code requirements. These technical drawings must be submitted to the city for approval before The Corner Creperie can open shop.

Furthermore, the owner is aware of the importance of social media, but unfamiliar with how to use the sites themselves. He needed a little help setting up profiles for his upcoming store.

We carefully reviewed the city’s guidelines and studied examples of other technical drawings to create drawings for The Corner Creperie. We turned the owner’s vision for his storefront into a set of precise drawings, measurements and photo mockups that complied with both city code and landlord requirements.

We also created Facebook and Twitter pages for The Corner Creperie with the owner’s profile information and custom cover images.


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