If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words, a Logo is Worth Even More

If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words, a Logo is Worth Even More

3KC-logosYour company’s logo is much more than a pretty picture that you slap on your signs and brochures; it is your business identity and the first point of contact many have with your business. A logo has power – power to represent your brand, to showcase your uniqueness, and most importantly, to lodge itself in the thoughts of your potential customers. Designing the perfect logo is a process, but it’s worth your time to put some serious energy into creating a stellar logo for your brand. We’re outlining a few of the biggest reasons below.

First impressions are everything! Make your logo count.

Your logo is likely the first thing a customer sees on your business card or store sign. People make judgments within the first few seconds of seeing your logo as they pass it by. It must make a positive first impression, and it should give an idea of what your business does.

A logo should have staying power: a good one sticks with the customer.

Ideally, customers will recognize you by your logo. Logos should be memorable and iconic. Repeated exposure (on letterheads, truck sides, freebie handouts, etc.) creates a sense of familiarity with you and your brand. This sense of familiarity is compelling; making it more likely the client will remember you and buy from you in the future.

Your logo represents your business and its philosophy.

Its style should reflect what you’re all about, and its design should resonate with your clientele. For example, an upscale restaurant would opt for an elegant, stylish logo. On the other hand, a family restaurant would want something more homey and comfortable. An ultra-modern, elegant logo may clash with the family-style restaurant and alienate its clientele. An overly simplistic, traditional logo would look silly on an upscale restaurant, and might not fully express the finesse with which each dish is plated and each customer served.

Logos establish brand identity and credibility.

A company with consistent branding across its collateral shows professionalism. When your logo neatly and accurately appears on your business card, website, print ads, etc., it gives the impression that you’ve got your act together. The last thing you want is customers comparing an old brochure to your new website, and wondering whether they’re checking out two different companies!

You probably get the picture by now: a well-done logo ultimately represents you and your business, and it should speak to your clientele. Its appearance and execution helps establish not only a strong brand identity, but also a sense of trustworthiness and consistency. Make a strong first impression, and a lasting overall impression, with a great logo.

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