Mobile App Prototype Web Programming Project

Mobile App Prototype Web Programming Project


Who Are They?

OpenWager is a recent startup in the heart of San Francisco focusing on developing social games and entertainment platforms. The company develops a range of social casino games across social media applications and mobile games to allow casinos to better interact and engage with their visitors. The branded games help build loyalty, customer retention and are pioneering a path to real-money gaming.

Project Requirement: Responsive website design as an iOS app prototype

The client wanted to prototype their new casino app to showcase its functionality and to market it. They created a prototype on, but discovered it did not have enough the usability that they were looking for. They approached 3-Key Communications with the request to build an app mockup using HTML and responsive design.

Our Solution

OpenWager provided us with their original designs which we translated into HTML code and a responsive website. We paid special attention to how each page would appear on iPhones and iPads as these are the devices that OpenWager will develop for first. Since the site was custom-coded by our programmers, we were able to include much more of the functionality they were looking for. This included images and text resizing correctly, to creating a new page layout specifically for the iPhone that different from the iPad – we went beyond just resizing the page content to actually creating custom layouts with a smaller screen size!


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