Magnetize Your Customers To You

Magnetize Your Customers To You

Your brand’s magnetic pull must be strong enough to attract potential customers, and powerful enough to keep that attraction alive and create a dedicated customer base.

Magnetizing your marketing starts with defining your brand’s purpose.

When you can find a true definition of your company—of who you are and what you are all about–, you will ultimately save yourself a whole lot of time and money on marketing. Rather than going out and blindly seeking customers, any customers, you can choose who to target, how to get their attention, and where to reach them with precision and tact. You can work on drawing in the “right” customers, rather than grasping at any person who may or may not have any interest in your service.

Careful thought and a deep understanding of who you are as a company and what you are all about is required to have a magnetic “field” in the first place. Work on your company brand—define your sense of selfhood. Then reach out, and you’ll find the  “right” clients. The clients who need your

Some excellent thoughts on this topic from marketing guru Phillip Davis:

Magnetism then comes from a distilled and powerful sense of purpose. This purpose reverberates throughout the organization and intuitively guides the organization’s members to act and behave in ways that promote this vision. The cost of top-down internal messaging is greatly reduced. The process becomes more natural, more fluid and instinctive.

Transforming a company or brand from mediocre to magnetic requires refocusing on the passion that created it (or now drives it) and aligning everything around it. Rather than finding the right market, the right market will find you.

Magnetize Your Brand and Attract More Customers

3-Keys will work with you to develop your brand’s message and identity. Then we’ll help you take the next steps in planning and implementing the best marketing strategies to draw your ideal customer right to you. Read more about our services at!

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  1. Rachel January 29, 2013 at 9:16 pm - Reply

    I’d always heard people talk about magentic marketing but didn’t realize what it was. Thanks for clarifying – a unified company around one purpose or message is much more compelling.

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