How To Turn Website Traffic Into Leads

How To Turn Website Traffic Into Leads

It’s the second step of our marketing funnel: Turning Website Traffic Into Leads. It’s one thing to convince people to visit your website. It’s another to actually turn these visitors into leads.

Essentially, turning website traffic into leads means collecting contact details from visitors to your website so that you can continue to contact them once they leave your site, especially if they do not purchase immediately. (Precautionary note: No, you will not bombard them with a million advertisements shouting about your product once you obtain contact information. This is sticky marketing, remember, marketing that pulls your client in with carefully considered collateral that gives them valuable information and truly positions you as an attractive leader in your field, a company with which they will desire to do business.)

The tricky part is: how do you collect contact details? These days, it seems that everywhere you turn, someone is attempting to get your contact information—email, phone number, etc. With this onslaught, people are becoming more cautious about where and to whom they hand out their personal information. Your website visitors must have a really compelling reason to give information to you.

In exchange for their personal information, what will your potential customer get in return? This is where we think pitching an Irresistible Free Offer (IFO) can be a really good idea. 3-Keys can help you plan an offer that makes sense for your business, that your target audience won’t be able to turn down. And then, we’ll help you market it where and how it makes sense—from your website landing page to your blog to your e-Newsletters.

A word about: landing pages. We see landing pages as a perfect frontier for online marketers. The landing page or pages connected to your website allow you to capture visitor information, present your brand, and maybe even pitch an Irresistible Free Offer–or just market your product!

A landing page is the first glimpse the customer may have of your brand, of who you are. It is the seductive personality that draws the person in and leaves them wanting to know more. You can also offer free downloads and information here, hooks that immediately catch people who really are interested, giving them information and providing you with contact information so you can continue to market to them.

People like a free offer. Not everyone who signs up for free webinars or newsletters will become a client. You may gain contact information for people who really are not going to become leads. And that’s ok. This is where the next step of our funnel comes in: Turning Leads into Customers ((<link!)). This is where we filter through those leads to figure out who is a good match for you and your product.

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