How do you know if you want a website or a web application?

How do you know if you want a website or a web application?

“Website” is an all-encompassing term that we use to refer to anything on the web we view through a web browser. However, websites have come a long way since the static informational pages of the ‘90s.

Today, we use many “websites” that interact with us and perform tasks for us. Our favorite search engine, Google, is dynamic. Instead of letting us search through an index of topics, it takes our search queries and returns related websites. The contents of the page change depending on our input. Likewise, Amazon allows us to search for items, and then purchase them and leave reviews. Sites like these are viewed through a browser like websites, but they interact with us and do something for us.

Because of the ever-changing nature of the web, a new term has evolved to describe these interactive websites. They are called web applications, or web apps.


Web Applications

Web applications are programs that run in web browsers depending on input from the user. Websites are static HTML pages that present users everywhere with the same set of pages and information.

Next time you need a website, ask yourself if you are really looking for a website, a web app, or a combination of the two. With today’s technology, the possibilities are endless.

Examples of a website application are e-commerce websites, scheduling and booking websites, membership websites where you charge a yearly or monthly fee or even a combination website.

Imagine having a website that your clients could log into, where they could perform tasks and exercises, receive personalized training or receive access to only the information you wanted to show them. Imagine if that system could track their time or offer an accountability check, and then use the data to invoice your clients and even to pay employees for working with your clients.

Web Application as Services:

A web application allows you to streamline your day and systems to reduce your workload while improving the systems your client has access to.

  • E-commerce (sell products online)
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Billing/Accounting
  • Time tracking
  • Member’s areas – access to personalized information

Who Needs a Web Application:

  • A fitness coach looking to put all his trainings and exercises online and customize access so that clients can watch and learn their prescribed workouts, even when he is not around.
  • A clothing company that wants to sell products online. Adding a marketing module that sends automatic reminder messages when similar items go on sale can further customize this web application.
  • A school looking for a website to streamline their scheduling and reports. Creating an admin login section that allows teachers to track attendance for classes, enter grades and leave notes to students would bring several elements into one easy to use digital system.

A few questions to ask yourself:

Does your website fulfill the needs of your customers?
Would it be easier for your client to do something on your website rather than have to call you?
Do customers often ask about a feature that your website doesn’t have?

If you’re not sure how to answer some of these questions, ask us! We can help you define what type of website you have, what customers may be looking for, and how you can improve your website so that it generates more happy customers.

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