Happy Holiday Marketing

Happy Holiday Marketing

holiday-marketing2Ho-ho-ho, it’s time to put some holiday cheer into your marketing! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, the holidays are a great time to put a creative spin on your marketing approach. Use the season as an occasion for a fresh idea, and an opportunity to approach clients with something fun and different. You can choose how large or small you want to make your holiday marketing push. Here are a few thoughts on creating a seasonal marketing campaign, whether it’s simple or more involved:

Holiday Marketing Ideas

A few starter ideas for basic ways to tie in with the season:

  • Incorporate holiday themes into your website, newsletter or logo. Try Christmas or Hannukah colors on your home page, maybe some glittery ornaments around your logo, etc.
  • Create a holiday-themed email campaign or blog post. Kind of like this one.
  • Don’t forget, your efforts can be as sincere and non-commercial as sending customers personalized thank-you notes!

Looking to gain new customers with a more elaborate marketing outreach? Try a Holiday Special!

How to Use a Holiday Special

  • Create seasonal hype by offering a Holiday Special. Get people “through the door” (so to speak, we suppose, in the Internet age) and hooked on your product! Around this expensive time of year, people appreciate a discount.
  • Social media is a deal’s best friend—spread the word to your customers. Even a short campaign can be launched effectively with the use of email newsletters, Facebook announcements, Twitter buzz and more. Then you get to celebrate a little extra business!

As pleasant as it is to reap the benefits of a busy season, it’s also a great time of year to remember the people who ultimately made it all possible: your customers. Show some appreciation with a customized holiday card. Send a gift basket. Give them a call! No matter what you do, take time to give back.
And in this spirit, we at 3-Keys want to say thank YOU for contributing to a wonderful 2013 for us. We are lucky to have such amazing customers.

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