Fast Website for a Tech Startup

Fast Website for a Tech Startup

Web-Desgin-NateroWho They Are
Natero is a startup based in Palo Alto that has developed software to mange big data and help break it down into manageable pieces for enterprise clients. Natero works directly with their client’s software to sort, analyze and pinpoint key data elements to save countless hours of time.

Project Requirement: Website Design & Development
As a startup company, Natero needed a quick, professional-looking website for an upcoming tradeshow to give them an online presence and to explain their services. We were asked to develop a general look for the site based on their current logo and 4 different visual graphics to explain their services.

We helped determine a general color scheme for the company based on their current logo and their unique personality. They wanted a very simple design style with graphics that visually explained the benefits of their software. This final design and website was created in a very short timeframe in order to be ready for their trade show day.

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