Exhibition design considerations

Exhibition design considerations


The right exhibit design supports your business goals and will best serve your marketing and sales efforts.

While your display should look good from every angle on the show floor, it should also be oriented to face the heaviest flows of traffic.

Graphics are the most important factor of your display. Graphics attract attention, convey your business message and build identity of your brand, complementing your marketing strategy, and presenting a unified and cohesive message.

Draw visitors to you with commanding graphics at high points where they may be viewed from a distance and ensure that you’re visible from every direction. An open design is easily accessible from multiple entry points, welcoming to potential clients and offers easy visitor flow within your space.

Use something or someone to attract passersby and encourage them to stop. The attraction you

choose may involve one or more of the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Studies indicate that a display featuring an activity creates more memorability than a static one.

Highlighting new and popular products is essential. Which products you need in your exhibit, their sizes and quantities will guide where and how to show them to their best sales advantage.

Demonstrations and ‘try it’ models are fantastic selling tools: make sure that your display contains adequate space to include these elements.http://www.3-keys.com/portfolio_category/design-solutions/

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