Developing an Advertising Campaign to Pull Ideal Clients

Developing an Advertising Campaign to Pull Ideal Clients

How do you pull in your ideal client?

Targeting your ideal client is key to developing concise, effective marketing. Don’t cast your nets too wide; the likelihood of reeling in your ideal customer decreases the larger the audience you target. One-size-fits-all marketing messages are a thing of the past. With the specificity technology can afford marketers, you can figure out who your target audience is, develop a message that speaks directly to them, and design a marketing process that conveys exactly WHAT that person needs to see and hear and HOW it should be presented in order to turn your leads into clients.

  1. Identify Your Target Market

    Define them geographically—what area of the country or the world do they live in? Are they in urban, suburban or even rural environments? Etc.
    Define them demographically—what kinds of jobs do your clients have? How old are they? What is their earning potential and what are typical spending habits?
    Define them psychographically—what are their interests, lifestyles, attitudes, values, etc.

  2. Write the Message That Speaks to Your Ideal Client

    What do your ideal clients need? How can you meet their needs, and what is the best way to convince them you’re the one for the job?

  3. Design the Marketing Material Using Strong Content and Design Elements

    What sort of ‘language’ does your client speak? What terms, goals, and data do they understand? Utilizing effective terminology helps get your point across quickly and effectively. It shows customers you are an expert in your field, and using it correctly establishes a level of trust between client and company. Targeting keywords is also important for optimizing your website content in order to be found by search engines.

  4. Choose the Right Media to Deliver Your Message

    Depending on your targeted client’s geography, demographics and psychographics, you will make the call between advertising via print, web, direct mail, social media, etc. An assortment of campaign components is likely the most effective way to gain potential customers’ interest.

3-Keys can help you identify, develop and create your message as well as choose the best media to convey your message. We then develop that final advertising product or products. We might build a website landing page, print a direct mail flyer, create automated email campaigns, and more.

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  1. Paul F January 11, 2013 at 12:35 pm - Reply

    Many agencies focus on ‘branding’ and using repetition to raise awareness of a company but targeting the message and focusing on a smaller group of people works best. Radio and tv ads are good for certain businesses but they don’t work for all of them. Especially if you don’t track!

    Good job on spreading the word.

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