Graphic Design

Exhibition design considerations

The right exhibit design supports your business goals and will best serve your marketing and sales efforts. While your display should look good from every angle on the show floor, it should also be oriented to face the heaviest flows of traffic. Graphics are the most important factor of your display. Graphics attract attention, convey [...]

How Colors Affect Your Branding

Colors. They’re everywhere. Colors emote. They inspire. They are vibrant or dull, energetic or languid, exciting or peaceful—and everything in between. Have you considered the colors used by your business? Do the colors displayed on your website, logo and other marketing materials support your company’s style and purpose? It may be that you’re due for [...]

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Printing Award Winning Children’s Books

In addition to providing design and print services for businesses, we combine our creative skills in design, illustration and printing to help authors bring their stories to life. Working with Sanjay Nambiar of Umiya Publishing, we have created and printed 3 award-winning children's books, with more stories and a new series on the way. Our [...]

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