3 Keys to Creating Impressionable Tradeshow Booth Designs

3 Keys to Creating Impressionable Tradeshow Booth Designs

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    Key 1 – Marketing materials with a focused message

  • Key 2 – Visually appealing, eye-catching designs
  • Key 3 – Professional Designers

Create an unbeatable marketing strategy and build a powerful brand presence at a tradeshow or networking event to effectively reach out and attract the attention of your audience. A professional team of graphic designers and marketers will ensure you create a clear and concise message that is targeted to your potential clients. Creating a central theme and message throughout your marketing materials ensures that you head into any event with the ‘keys’ to success. (har har!)

These keys work together to create and build your presence at any event. Ensure prominent visibility through eye catching and innovative designs that communicate the right message. The two main components to capture your audience’s attention should be the marketing message and the visual experience of your graphic design. The quality of your design and message will be the first impact that will be made in order to draw visitors to your booth. Give them a reason to stop by, thereby giving your sales force manning the booth the opening they require for their sales conversation.

As with any design, the marketing materials for your tradeshow booth must be created with your end goal in mind. The design and message of your booth should be consistent with your organization’s collective marketing strategies, as familiarity and consistency build trust, which then solidifies into a firm business relationship.

Consider the purpose of your brochures, flyers and other give away items. What action should people take when they read your marketing materials?

  • Will it answer their technical questions?
  • Is it a conversation starter while at your tradeshow or networking event?
  • Should they want to call you after the event?
  • Do you want to promote a special offer only for this event to increase clients?

Your goal will determine the overall message for your content, as well as the final Call to Action. The best way to create this focused message and imagery is through the use of a professional design team.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer for Tradeshow Materials

There are several advantages to why you should hire an experienced and professional tradeshow designer. The two main reasons are:

  1. Their artistic ability
  2. Their technical ability

With their artistic capability, a professional designer has been trained to understand the basics elements of design and how to apply them. This includes creating a defined structure and hierarchy to help your message stand out. A properly trained graphic designer will understand marketing principles and how to harmonize your message with your illustrative artwork, making the design visually appealing and effective.

The technical ability of professional designers encompasses the professional tools that are so necessary to create tradeshow designs – software programs. These tools are prerequisites, as the graphic files are large and maintenance of these files electronically, requires the knowledge, skill and capability of professional designers.

Creation of a design involves the elements and principles of design and these elements and principles play a very vital part in the creation of artwork, be it designing a tradeshow design, or drawing or painting. There are seven elements and principles of design:

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Elements of Design

Principles of Design






















Another important detail to convey to your designer is whether the graphics are intended for just one tradeshow or will be serving for many, as this impacts the marketing message, size of the booth and the surface on which the graphics are printed. When the designer understands the full purpose of your project, they can better guide you to the correct solution.

If this is a new design for a new brand identity, be sure to explain the style or design elements that you like or dislike. Graphic designers are creative but if you already have a concept in mind, please share it.

Why Tradeshows Are Important for Reaching Customers

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Effective %


Attendees vested with some kind of buying power



Tradeshows / events help attendees determine what kind of products to buy



Converting tradeshow leads  cheaper than sales calls



Attendees say that they are able to gather most of their buying information from attending Tradeshows and events



Let your professional designer be that third key to creating your “show stopper “design. Contact 3-Keys to learn why our clients enthusiastically love the business cards and marketing materials we design and print!

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